This blog began as a forum to discuss my research in the Mongolian health sector, but is now more broadly focused on my work and interests in design research for global health.

I've conducted research in Mongolia since 2006, helping to develop better strategies for information management for rural health workers (bagiin emch). This work is ongoing. In Mongolia I work with colleagues at the Asian Development Bank, the Ministry of Health, the Health Sciences University, and several aimag health departments, primarily Bayanhongor, Zavhan, and Suhbaatar. This research has practical implications for rural health in Mongolia and has provided new insights into the human-centered design process for global health. Based on this research, I received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in 2008.

Though this blog will discuss global issues in design research for health, including my work in other places, it will continue to highlight issues from Mongolia.

I often post (and cross-post) to the Global Health Ideas blog (formerly the Technology, Health & Development blog, aka THD, from 2006-2009).

Now I work as an independent adviser and as a member of the Gobee Group.

Last updated: February 2010 | Oakland, California, USA