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07 May 2007


Hooray for Macs!

you are insane. i can't believe you took the time to create an image showing your keyboard and its weird stickers. actually, wait a minute. yes i can believe it. who are we kidding? this reminds me of the great "wedding-reception-street-sign-seating-chart" fiasco of '06.

No comment.

Hi, thanks for the interesting article.
Can you post or email to me your mongolian.keylayout? I am in Mongolia now and need that...

Ah, and BTW, if you use Paralles Desktop with eg. WinXP, you can have Mongolian there no problem. I just wanted to have it naturally with my Mac...

I'll mail the keylayout to you now. If other people request it, I'll post it later. Note that Parallels only runs on Intel-powered Macs. Older machines such as mine require Virtual PC.

I've created an idiosyncratic QWERTY layout for the Mac. Not sure if that would be any use to you but I can't see myself learning a whole new keyboard layout.

The QWERTY layout can be found at http://idisk.mac.com/thgewecke-Public?view=web, in a folder called GregsMongolianQWERTY

There is also a Cyrillic keyboard layout at the same web location that I gave above

Thanks for the links bathrobe!

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