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04 October 2007


That looks gooooooood. But then again, any sweet stuff looks good to me. Isn't that the same stuff you brought back with you from your 1st summer there - in a plastic bag, they were twisted up? And isnt that the same as the stuff you brought to Beijing to give away as gifts to MSN?
looks can be deceiving.

Yep, you've got it - same stuff. Not really so sweet. There's some of variety of flavors in the photo. In general, I'd say this spread tastes much better than the store-bought variety you've had. In any case, knowing your tastes, you would really appreciate the fresh cream - think rabdi without the sugar - and butter much more than aaruul.

Please do not bring any of that stuff home when you return in Jan...it will probably end up being used to balance uneven furniture.

If I bring some home, I'll share with Nap. Of all the visitors I've hosted, he's the only one that genuinely likes aaruul.

What do you think of a kulfi castle? I have not received approval yet, but I have submitted a request to be in charge of desserts for you know what. I will need to you to be my special assistant/VP of desserts

Aaruul (at least some of it)is good for your teeth! By way of natural selection as good ol' charlie would say: the teeth that survive are reeealy tough...
And a 'heads up' govi does not mean/represent desert,in the 'western' conception, if you want to be picky, hehe.

Bandit - I am absolutely 100% in for this job. You my friend will not be disappointed. Not sure about your other half. Kulfi castle is simply brilliant. I picture a moat of rabdi, a drawbridge of burfi, gulab jamun for cannonballs, an oversized jalebi coat of arms. Still thinking of how to work ladoos into the mix.

Andrei, I think you and I need to talk offline about all sorts of Mongolian words related to geography, climate, and nomadism - how they're translated and what they really mean. Word of the last few weeks: otor. I know that's got you licking your chops!

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