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10 December 2007


Hmmmm...I am wondering whether this is a factual account. Especially the section where it states "I decide to do dishes and take out the trash." I was looking for this specifically. When was the last time you did the dishes?

The problem with such a day-in-the-life account is in the interpretation because it is only one day.

There weren't many dishes to wash Monday because I also did the dishes on Sunday. But that was the first time I had done dishes in maybe 5-6 days.

On Tuesday I was really tired so I took a nap at home from 230-330pm. But looking at this account, you wouldn't know that I ever did that sort of thing.

Idioooooooooot - I know that you took a nap, everyone knows you took a nap!!!!

What about your dissertation in 15 minutes a day?

Fifteen minutes a day? Two hours each Sunday should suffice. (To my committee: that was a joke.)

The picture of the napkin really says it all. I bet those notes were in response to a simple question, like, "Where were you born?"

V - that was the best comment on this blog I have seen so far. Classic.

This whole post was a response to a simple question.

How much daylight you getting there now?

Sunrise today at 8:36AM and sunset at 5:00PM. Ulaanbaatar is 47.9° N, about the same latitude as Seattle and Paris.

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